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The Village
Dog DayCare

A day in the life of a "Villager" attending dog daycare focuses on small group structured play with positive reinforcement, mentally engaging enrichment activities, and necessary quiet times.  Dogs engage their natural instincts such as scent and foraging. They solve puzzles, interact with toys and each other., etc. The purpose of enrichment is to reduce stress and reinforce socialization practices. Enrichment daycare provides a holistic experience that nurtures your dog's mind and body. It's a smart choice for pet parents who want more than just a tired pup at the end of the day. With a multitude of trees and canopies for shading, dogs are comfortably able to engage in supervised play time with our trained and attentive staff.

The Village offers personal, climate-controlled kennels for resting and naptime.


We offer PlayCare from 7:30 am-6:30 pm Monday-Friday. 

Drop Off between 7:30am-11:00am and pick up between 2:00pm - 6:30pm

Add-Ons such as raw bones or lick mats are available for nutritional enrichment. Solo play or individual walks are Add-Ons for dogs who would benefit from one-on-one time.  

Reservations are required. Please provide a  24-hour notice of cancellation. Late cancellations and no-shows are automatically charged a $25 fee.

$15 / Day

Half Day Price 

Per Dog

$30 / Day

Full Day Price

Per Dog


Bundle & Save! 

Purchase 5 full days for $125

What Our Clients Say

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