Dog owners may choose between Standard or Luxury suites. Both are climate controlled, with spacious indoor/outdoor spaces allowing your dog easy access to the outdoor run for a change of scenery and potty breaks. When inside, they have a climate-controlled area for well-deserved naps or personal play time. Included in boarding are 3 group play times in one of 12, shaded play yards and/or daily walks. Luxury suites include Kuranda cots for bedding.


Please keep in mind prices are based on breed, coat length & condition, size of dog & amount of clipper work versus scissor work (scissor work is more time consuming & costs a little more than clipper work). Please click the link below or call for an estimate for your dog, but remember these are only estimates. Additional charges are also made if it is necessary to dip a dog for fleas or ticks.

Dogs get to romp and play at The Village, our tree-shaded version of Doggie Day Care. Dogs are entertained with interactive toys, supervised playtime with pet buddies and kennels for resting breaks, or to cool down or warm up depending on weather conditions.


Our feline campers stay in our quiet Cattery in individual, climate-controlled cat condos. The Cattery Condos provide lots of places to climb, nap, and all have windows perfect for bird watching!