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Dog Camp works closely with several local rescue groups, helping those in need of finding a loving, forever home for animals currently in their care.  You can see a few of the animals currently being fostered by different groups by checking our website regularly AND you can find many more adoptable animals by clicking on one of the following links.


Fostering for Love is a volunteer group who takes in and takes care of puppies, kittens, cats and dogs from our Local Shelters and Rescue Groups. We love them, raise them, get them healthy and then assist in placing them in wonderful Forever Homes. We don’t get paid for our time…we Foster for the Love of helping the animals who need us.

Click here to learn more about the animals looking for Forever Homes currently being fostered by our volunteers.

Also, please CLICK HERE to find out how you can VOLUNTEER or DONATE much needed supplies to help care for the animals we are fostering.

Society for Animal Rescue and Adoption, SARA, provides homeless companion animals with unconditional life – food, shelter, love and life in a permanent, safe, and healthy environment, despite special health needs or temperament. We seek loving adoptive homes for our animals, but when adoption is impossible, the animals live the rest of their natural lives at the sanctuary in the company of other animals and human caregivers.

Visit SARA's Adoption page or review SARA's Amazon Wish List

Dog Camp does seasonal runs to SARA with donations, supplies & the office if you would like more information!

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