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“I love coming to Dog Camp it is my home away from home. I've been coming here for over a year. Sometimes for extended stays and sometimes for daycare. The staff are all wonderful. They are very sweet and take care of me. When I am getting dropped off for my stay everyone says "Hi Handsome" and they get down to my level so I can do my happy hips dance, slam up against them with my backend and say hi back. I'll admit it…I'm a flirt who would rather be with The Ladies so the staff puts me in play groups with some fun loving females. It doesn't get better than that. When my family picks me up I'm usually worn out from playing, happy to be going home but looking forward to my next visit.” --- Rex.


“I love my time at Dog Camp because I get to play with new friends, the four-legged kind and the two-legged – meaning the great staff at camp! Kristen and Erin take good care of me every time I am here. I know my peeps must love it too because they drive me here from far Northwest Austin and would never leave me with anyone or at any place that wasn’t the absolute best. My suite is always clean and waiting for me. Plus, I can go right outside, roam and hang out with all the other cool campers. Oh, and I always get bathed and sometimes groomed when I go, so I can look super handsome when I get picked up. Of course, my favorite place is home – but my favorite home-away-from-home is most definitely Dog Camp!” --- Saint.


"When my folks go out of town, they send me to Dog Camp and stay in one of their luxury suites to be spoiled!  As soon as we drive into the Dog Camp entrance, I get all excited to see everyone!  I used to be a very timid and shy dog, Kristen and staff gave me the opportunity to make some new friends and ensuring my safety as well.  Being a Great Dane with a finicky diet and eating twice a day, Dog Camp works with my schedule without a problem.  I love the play time I get, you will often see me in the play yards roaming around with the other campers and sometimes chasing the staff, such fun!" ---Riley.


"I LOVE my vacations at Dog Camp…everyone takes such GREAT care of me. I even get treats and lots of TLC--just like at home!! Thanks, mom for letting me come to camp when you have to travel—and a HUGE thank you to the wonderful staff. You guys are the best!!" --- Wags.


"I love Dog Camp so much that my owners drive all the way from northeast Austin to bring me here. I have so much fun that I don't want to go home sometimes. I love playtime with all my new friends and the standard run is just enough room for me to rest up until playtime comes again. I stay in a run which has a big door to the outside so I can fit! I love to hang out outside in the play yard, and Kristen and Erin let me outside way more than my owners, but they watch to make sure I am safe. They are great!" --- Chebyshev.


" I'm proud to say I was Dog Camp's first Camper. I stayed with Kristen and Erin even before all the work was done on their state of the art kennel. When I was a young pup we didn't have great places like Dog Camp, you all are lucky dogs. Now I go back whenever I can." --- Barkley.

Misty, Mikey & Emily Sue

"We shared a Luxury Suite at Dog Camp while our people went out of state. Kristen and Erin were great -- they played with us in the Play Yard every day, they petted and loved on us, and of course they fed us and cleaned up after us. They also gave me my vitamins every morning, so my arthritis didn't bother me and I could play Frisbee like a young pup." --- Misty, age 15.


" I like to visit the Cattery whenever I get the chance. It's quiet, roomy, and has a great window I can perch in and watch the birds and dogs outside. I can explore and play inside the Cattery, too." --- Fender, the cool cat.

"Our lab, Brooke, lives for Dog Camp.  Whether for day care or overnight, she comes home happy and tired.  A tired lab is a good and happy lab in our eyes!!  We don't know exactly what it is that makes her cry with glee coming up the driveway, but we have a feeling it's the staff and the special attention to her that makes our girl so happy to keep coming back week after week.  We feel so fortunate to have found Dog Camp not only for Brooke but for our peace of mind knowing she is well looked after in every way."
--------Nancy & Greg Hocevar
 October 2007


Every week I groom my dog
And put her in the car.
Drive to St. David’s Rehab
Where she’s a superstar.

The valets rush to greet us
And open up the door.
They say, “We’re so glad Sandy’s here!”
We couldn’t ask for more.

In her DC vest with tail held high
She trots down the hall.
The doctors cry out, “Sandy’s here!”
She’s loved by one and all.

Patients walk to greet her.
She does some tricks for treats.
I proudly stand beside her
And hold on to her leash.

The therapist says, “Sandy,
We are all so glad you came.”
And yet I’ve come to realize
That no one knows MY name.

So I thought that I should have
A name tag of my own.
So, I made one just for me
It says, “I’m Sandy’s Mom.” --- Alice Aves

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