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 Premium Pet Foods

Flint River Ranch's Gourmet Pet Foods for Healthy Dogs and Cats are twice oven-baked, all-natural, healthy kibble ideally formulated for dogs and cats both young and mature.

The grains used in the original premium dog food formula include whole wheat and rice, and are free of corn, which is difficult for dogs to digest. The protein sources are high-quality chicken meal and lamb meal, both of which are guaranteed free of animal by-products. Shipped straight from the manufacturer to your door for freshness! 

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Nature's Variety

Nature's Variety Brand Dog and Cat Foods Mean Better Ingredients, Better Food, Better Health!
Real meat. Lean poultry. Wholesome fruits and vegetables. This is your pet’s instinctive diet. With Nature's Variety Instinct or Prarie dry or canned foods, your pet will enjoy a hearty and nutritious diet, free of grains and fillers.

Such high quality nutrition provides beneficial proteins and balanced Omega Fatty Acids to help maintain toned muscles, healthy skin, and glossy coat. Give your pet the nourishment and energy to enjoy life every day.


Innova Holistic Dog Food

Just as dieticians recommend following the U.S. Department of Agriculture food pyramid for our own dietary needs, Innova applies this same principle when creating foods for our animal friends. Every Innova pet product, including our new Nutrient-Enhanced Innova Flex stews, incorporates elements from the five food groups - meat, dairy, vegetables, fruit and grain - plus essential fats and oils to deliver supreme nutrition for the overall health of your dog.


EVO Grain-Free, Meat-Based Pet Food

While all Natura Pet Products use high-quality meat as the main pet food ingreadient, EVO dog and cat food is completely grain-free. In fact, EVO has the highest protein content of any meat-based dry pet food on the market and uses whole, fresh meat sources such as turkey, chicken and herring meal!


California Natural Pet Food

Cheap pet food ingredients, such as protein fillers, or even premium ingredients can be highly allergic to pets with sensitive systems. That's why California Natural dog and cat food refuses to use them in their production. In fact, they have the shortest ingredient list of any dry pet food and combine just one protein, one fat and one carbohydrate source to create a hypoallergenic pet food.


Lupine Collars for Dogs and Cats
Lupine® products for dogs and cats are designed with both safety and style in mind. Each is backed by our replacement Guarantee, even if chewed, or scratched! For help choosing the correct size collar or harness, read this PDF

 Dog Camp Gear

Grooming Supplies 

T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Tote Bags, Onesies in Lots of Styles, Colors & Sizes! 

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