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All pets must have current vaccinations on file for all reservations. Vaccination records can be faxed to Dog Camp at 1-866-574-2040.

Can you:
Take away Toys Clip Nails Put on a leash
Touch feet Touch head/ears Take away food

Temperament Friendly Digger Escape artist Nervous
Playful Submissive Dependant Aggressive
Hyperactive Dominant Destructive Shy
Fence Climber Calm Fearful Territorial

Is your Pet Socialized Yes No

What is your pets activity level? Calm Active Energetic

Involvement with others Bitten Anyone?

Been in a fight?

Bitten another dog?

Likes to play and share toys
Likes to play but does not share well
Likes to play but no small dogs or puppies
Shares space but doesn't care about playing
Does not like other dogs; too rough

Reservation Information

* Accommodations Luxury Suite

* Playtimes Group/Large Dogs
Group/Small Dogs
Walks Only (recommended for post surgery or older dogs only...we have limited land outside the play yards that is approved for dog walking)

* Feeding Instructions Owner's food
Dog Camp's in-house food

.5 cup each meal
1 cup each meal
1.5 cups each meal
2 cups each meal
3 cups each meal

am only
pm only
twice a day
Other - See Notes

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