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Dog Camp Pet Store

You will find a great assortment of food, treats, leashes, collars and gear in our Camp Store. So no worries if you forget something... just pick it up when you drop your pet off. Read more about our great product lines below.

  • Flint River Ranch Dog & Cat Food

    Flint River Ranch's Gourmet Pet Foods for Healthy Dogs and Cats are twice oven-baked, all-natural, healthy kibble ideally formulated for dogs and cats both young and mature.


    The grains used in the original premium dog food formula include whole wheat and rice, and are free of corn, which is difficult for dogs to digest. The protein sources are high-quality chicken meal and lamb meal, both of which are guaranteed free of animal by-products. Shipped straight from the manufacturer to your door for freshness!


  • Nature's Variety Dog & Cat Food

    Nature's Variety Brand Dog and Cat Foods Mean Better Ingredients, Better Food, Better Health! Real meat. Lean poultry. Wholesome fruits and vegetables. This is your pet’s instinctive diet. With Nature's Variety Instinct or Prairie dry or canned foods, your pet will enjoy a hearty and nutritious diet, free of grains and fillers.


    Such high quality nutrition provides beneficial proteins and balanced Omega Fatty Acids to help maintain toned muscles, healthy skin, and glossy coat. Give your pet the nourishment and energy to enjoy life every day.


  • Lupine Collars

    Lupine® products for dogs and cats are designed with both safety and style in mind. Each is backed by a replacement Guarantee, even if chewed, or scratched! For help choosing the correct size collar or harness, view this pdf.


  • Grooming Supplies

    We offer an assortment of grooming supplies to keep your pet looking their best! Visit the Camp Store to see what all we have in stock.

  • Dog Camp Gear

    T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Tote Bags, Onesies in Lots of Styles, Colors and Sizes!



Check-in and check-out

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 5:30 pm

Saturday: 9 am - noon

Sunday: 4 pm - 6 pm for pick up only


View our holiday hours here.


  • Vaccination policy?

    All pets must have these current vaccinations on file for all reservations.

    Our fax number is 1-866-574-2040. It is your responsibility to have your vet send updated vaccination records to us.



    Rabies: every 3 years

    DHLPP: every 12 months

    Kennel Cough / Bordetella: oral or intra-nasal every 6 months, injection every 12 months



    Rabies: every 12 months

    FVCRPP: every 12 months

    Leukemia: outdoor cats only, every 12 months

  • Spay and neuter policy?

    Dog Camp is proud to be an all spay and neuter facility since 2005.


    Here's our policy: Puppies and kittens under 6 months of age, dogs and cats with medical issues with documentation from their veterinarian and show dogs WITH papers are the only exceptions. If you do not meet these requirements, please do not ask for an exception. Please do your part to help control Austin's OVER pet population . . . spay and neuter your pets!

  • Cancellation policy?

    Dog Camp is very flexible with adding, changing and canceling  reservations.


    Peak Times (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break):

    A $75 deposit is required. Cancellations made less than 7 days from check in date will forfeit deposit.


    Summer (May-August):

    We kindly ask for 72 hour notice when canceling a reservation May-August. Less than 72 hours notice during this time will incur a 50% charge of reserved time. Future reservations will not be honored until payment is received.


    Standard (September-April):

    We require at least 48 hours notice when canceling a reservation. Less than 48 hours notice during this time will incur a 50% charge of reserved time. Future reservations will not be honored until payment is received.

  • What do I bring from home?

    Feel free to bring anything from home to make your pet's stay more comfortable. We've seen it all so don't worry whether you should bring it or not! Please label everything you bring. One note, please don't bring anything you'd be sad if your dog decided this would be a good time to tear it up! We have plenty of bowls so there's no need to bring those along. Forgot something? We've got chews, treats, toys and food in the Camp Store.



    You are more than welcome to bring your food from home or use ours, Nature's Variety. It's helpful if you pre-portion your food into zip locks but it's not a requirement.



    We take medication administration very seriously. Help us by sorting, pre-portioning and making notes for us, as it applies.



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